Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Other Ugly Denial

Earlier today, we were looking at the confusing rhetoric and complicated reality of the politics clouding immigration policy today. We've been seeing this in other policy areas as well. In fact, we're even seeing (continued) 21st Century Know Nothing denial here.

There's still intense "TEA" powered opposition to just about anything and everything that can help solve the climate crisis. They're denying the basic science of climate change. And they're refusing to offer any realistic solutions.

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This is the problem. Climate change is a very real problem. And even a number of Republicans are urging their party to come to the table with actual climate solutions. Yet despite all this, G-O-TEA acolytes in Congress continue to deny reality and refuse solutions.

Again, even other Republicans are urging their party to recognize reality... And offer solutions. When will they?

There isn't much time left. Oh, and our economy will actually benefit from taking action. So how much more denial can we actually afford?

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