Thursday, August 8, 2013

Push Back.

So it's August Recess. And Congresscritters are at play. We're already hearing about some crazy schemes being concocted for when Capitol Hill returns to bloom next month. And already, House G-O-TEA players are getting push back.

We've talked about this many times before. Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act, or ACA) has already been helping many folks. We've even been seeing it at work right here in Nevada.

Yet despite this, Senator Dean Heller (R-Born Again "TEA" Drinker), Rep. Joe Heck (R-"TEA" Curious), and Rep. Mark Amodei (R-Loves "TEA") keep signing onto fruitless and counterproductive efforts to take health care away from many Nevadans. They're playing politics with people's lives. And they're finally feeling push-back now.

Steve Benen seems to feel the way I do now.

I have to admit, I always find it a little amusing when this happens. Far-right congressional Republicans vote, over and over again, to destroy the entirety of the Affordable Care Act, insisting the whole thing has to go, root and branch. But when confronted with struggling families who actually benefit from the law, suddenly the tune changes. "Sure, I voted to repeal the law and deny your family what you need," the argument usually goes, "but I kind of like some of the popular parts...."

But [House Republicans] shouldn't play these little games and expect to be taken seriously. [They] actually support protections for those with pre-existing conditions, despite having voted the other way? That's nice, I suppose, but if the law is going to protect those with pre-existing conditions, it's going to need to bring everyone else into the system to prevent soaring costs. And once you do that, you'll also need to provide subsidies to those who can't afford coverage.

And at that point, what you have is the Affordable Care Act, which [they have] repeatedly tried to destroy.

Congressional Republicans always seem to find it easy to condemn and sabotage the law, but find it less easy when it comes to the individual provisions that remain extremely popular. [They hate] the dreaded Obamacare, except for the protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and the policy that covers young adults, and the tax breaks for small businesses, and the prescription-drug benefits for seniors, and....

And yet, they still want to repeal legislation that does all this and more. The Affordable Care Act is helping real people. This is real life. It's actually happening. And they want to undo it?

This is why Congressional Republicans are now feeling push-back. Constituents are pushing back. Obamacare is working. And the last thing this country needs is yet another manufactured crisis caused by the G-O-TEA's insane desire to destroy Obamacare.

The people are now pushing back.

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