Thursday, August 8, 2013

Match Point

Yesterday, we examined Republicans' conundrum when it comes to trying to spin away their plot to kill comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). They're facing the dilemma of trying to balance G-O-TEA primary politicking with sound policy and smart general election politics. And now, they're having to learn the hard way that they can't kill CIR to please the 21st Century Know Nothings while simultaneously pleasing everyone else with mere, empty talking points.

Now some Democratic and Republican (pro-CIR) Senators have not given up on passing something this year. In fact, they're already floating ideas to try when Congress reconvenes next month. Perhaps if House G-O-TEA "leaders" can be convinced to allow just enough piecemeal bills to reach the House floor, those bills can pass and be taken to conference with the Senate's S 744 CIR bill.

There's just one problem that remains: the G-O-TEA base (and all the Republican politicians pandering to them).

But on the other hand, we are seeing more pushback. It happened on Capitol Hill before Congress went to recess...

And it's now happening here at home. Go ahead and ask Rep. Joe Heck (R-??!!).

In order to save CIR, something drastic has to occur. That's why immigrant rights activists are staging 40 days of protests, rallies, vigils, and more action. They just won't allow House G-O-TEA "leaders" to sweep this under the rug.

And funny enough, neither will other Republicans! Even they're demanding House Republicans change course and take more queues from their Senate colleagues (well, the sane ones, that is). And perhaps this is already having an effect. We have been seeing a change in rhetoric lately.

However, it's still rhetoric. Ultimately, House Republicans will have to match rhetoric with action. Ultimately, Reps. Joe Heck and Mark Amodei (R-?) will have to match their sweet talk with their votes. Ultimately, House G-O-TEA "leaders" will have to match their big talk with real action.

Will they?

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