Monday, April 30, 2012

No Se Puede, Dean Heller.

Remember Dean Heller's much publicized appearance at Hispanics in Politics in Las Vegas this past January? It came shortly after his botched meeting with the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, and it was seen as Heller's "neutralizing" of his own xenophobic record.

Well, it looks like Heller's Latino outreach is going along just smoothly. In January, he pledged to team up with Las Vegas Latin Chamber CEO and fellow Republican Otto Merida to craft a "mutually agreeable [immigration] reform bill". Today, he's endorsing Shelley Berkley for US Senate. Steve Sebelius made an interesting point as he questioned aloud how Heller's and Merida's collaboration on that "mutually agreeable reform bill" went.

Wow. I guess Mitt Romney isn't the only Republican with "a Latino problem". But then again, Mitt Romney isn't the only Republican embracing the extreme xenophobic agenda of Kris Kobach, Joe Arpaio, and Nevada's own Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron Angle.

Even Republicans notice there's a problem.

We'll have to wait and see if Heller ever gets his head out of the sand.

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