Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Secret to Nevada Democrats' Success?

Yesterday, OFA Nevada opened its newest office in Henderson. And apparently, OFA picked the perfect day to open. After all, the Nevada Secretary of State's office posted new voter registration statistics showing an overall Democratic gain in March. And PPP is set to release new Presidential numbers today showing President Obama bouncing to a healthy lead over the leading Republican candidates.

At the same time, it's increasingly looking like we know which leading Republican will face President Obama in the general election. And yesterday, President Obama made the choice clear when speaking at the AP's convention in DC.

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Meanwhile here in Nevada, Democrats want to make that choice clearer as they're already buying ad time. But ultimately, good ads alone can't win an election. That's why OFA continues to expand its field presence here in Nevada. We saw that in full force at OFA's newest office near MacDonald Highlands and (Joe Heck's house in) Roma Hills in Henderson. Now it may seem weird to open a Democratic field office near what looks to be a whole lot of safe Republican territory... But there's really a method to their madness.

The office was jam packed with supporters last night.

And they came from the nearby neighborhoods... And Green Valley (which is just down the hill and across the 215), and Old Henderson, and Boulder City, and even some rural parts of Clark County! It's really an ideal location to reach many more Nevadans.

And look at who came last night. John Oceguera dropped by and fired up the crowd with a reminder that he's running in this Congressional District against that neighbor who seems all too happy to ignore his neighbors' and fellow Nevadans' best interests for women's rights, health care, and seniors' well-being. Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange also came to rally supporters and remind them why this new office will be critical to winning this year's election.

We've often talked here about the importance of putting together a strong field operation when building a winning campaign. It's certainly not something to laugh off. And it's certainly far more useful than wasting time infighting and waging media warfare against each other. That's something Republicans still don't seem to understand.

Perhaps that may change. Now that they're finally close to getting an official nominee, perhaps we will see them "get it together". However, at least the Obama campaign and Nevada Democrats have been able to get an early start and put together the kind of field operation that's already starting to deliver results. This may end up being the key to victory and an important secret to Democrats' success this fall.

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