Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dina Titus' Speech @ #CCDP2012

Late in 2010, folks were wondering where Dina Titus could go after her razor thin loss to Joe Heck. Early in February 2012, we all realized where she's headed: Back to Congress. It's been an epic journey for Dina Titus, but it's still not quite over yet.

Even though it's likely Dina Titus will be back in Congress representing NV-01 by this time next year, she doesn't want to stop there. Dina doesn't want to go to Washington alone, and she made that known on the convention floor yesterday.

She's really shaping up to be a valuable team player. She's been tapped (along with Steven Horsford) by national Democrats to serve as a "Majority Maker" and help Democratic Congressional candidates running in swing districts. And judging from yesterday's speech, she's already getting busy there. She may no longer be in NV-03, but apparently she won't entirely be giving up that fight.

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