Monday, April 23, 2012

He's Here! Nevada Republicans to Embrace Paul Ryan Himself in Sparks Next Month.

Yes, he will really be in town next month. In fact, Paul Ryan will be headlining the Nevada Republican Convention in Sparks next month! I guess it wasn't enough that the Nevada GOP picked a guy twice convicted by the Nevada Ethics Commission (while serving on the Las Vegas City Council) as their new Chairman. No, they needed to spice up their convention even more by bringing in the creator of "Ryancare"!

Remember Paul Ryan? He's just the G-O-TEA "Budget Czar" who wants to redistribute wealth from the middle class and working poor to the 1%. Both Joe Heck and Dean Heller have doubled down (literally!) their support for their BFF, Paul Ryan, and his plan to kill Medicare. I'm sure they will be thrilled to share a stage with him!

And I'm sure Mitt Romney is excited to remind Nevadans that he fully supports Paul Ryan's budget.

I'm sure Nevada Republicans must be excited about making such vivid memories to last a lifetime (or at least great campaign ads for Nevada DEMOCRATS!).

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