Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's up @ #CCDP2012 Today

I'm at the Clark County Democratic Party Convention today. And here's what the crowd looks like in The Riviera on the Las Vegas Strip.

And here's who we've seen here so far today.

Oh yes, it's that exciting!

NV-01 candidate Dina Titus and NV-03 candidate John Oceguera have just made their keynote speeches, as well as Nevada State Controller Kim Wallin (D). Oh yes, and have you noticed all the people here?

We have plenty of Legislature candidates (all Democrats, of course), as well as local candidates. And please keep looking at #CCDP2012 on Twitter to see what's happening. Contrary to what a couple naysayers said early this morning, I'm not seeing any "death" or "emptiness" here. It's quite exciting, so I should probably get back to it. Keep following me @atdleft on Twitter, and I'll be back here at the blog later to share some exciting video from today.

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