Sunday, April 15, 2012

John Oceguera's Speech @ #CCDP2012

Outgoing Nevada Assembly Speaker and likely NV-03 Democratic nominee John Oceguera (D-Paradise) delivered the first headline speech at the Clark County Democratic Party Convention yesterday. He reminded the audience of what he's up against and why his race won't just be one of the hottest races in the state, but also a race that may determine the country's future.

In many aspects, NV-03 is "The Quintessential Swing District". President Obama won the new configuration of NV-03 by a 54-45 margin, which is slightly better than Obama's overall national 53-46 win in 2008. Harry Reid narrowly won the new district 49-47 in 2010, though challenger Steve Martin (R) narrowly edged Treasurer Kate Marshall (D) 47-46 in the same election. And of course, in the previous election in the old NV-03, Joe Heck won by fewer than 1,800 votes and by less than 1%.

This is "The Quintessential Swing District" that can turn on key issues, and I suspect that's why Oceguera hit some key issues in his speech yesterday. After all, Joe Heck now has a record he has to run on. He touched on the "War on Women", "Ryan-care" vs. Medicare, health care reform, and green jobs, as all of them are likely to play big roles in this year's campaign.

Oceguera gave a good speech yesterday. We'll have to see how he goes toe-to-toe with Heck once the general election officially begins.

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