Monday, April 16, 2012

Shelley Berkley's Speech @ #CCDP2012

This was the big event of the afternoon session of the Clark County Democratic Party Convention. After visiting the Washoe Democrats' Convention Saturday morning, Shelley Berkley flew back to Las Vegas to chat with her "hometown crowd". And interestingly enough, Shelley had a special message for the friends, neighbors, and activists who know her best.

Oh, and Shelley Berkley also wanted to draw a stark contrast from her opponent, appointed Senator Dean Heller. Remember what he's been up to lately? Oh yes, there was a clear contrast to see on Saturday.

It was interesting to see Shelley Berkley take a strong progressive populist turn in her speech. She hit on saving Medicare & Social Security (instead of destroying them, as Dean Heller seems to want to do), creating more green jobs by investing in renewable energy, standing up for veterans, and putting working class families over Wall Street's wishes & "tea party" extremism. As you can see above, she covered a whole lot of ground on Saturday (and in more ways than one!). Get ready for a(nother) real barnburner of a Senate race coming our way.

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