Friday, April 13, 2012

On Party Platforms in Washoe County

Party platforms matter. They really do. Party platforms basically tell the story of what a party believes in and why. It's not something to be ignored...

But apparently, it's something to be twisted? Jon Ralston must have been hoping to stir up sh*t by tweeting passages from #WashoeDemPlatform (which can be found here)... Which encouraged a certain Reno based Republican operative to feign "OUTRAGE!!!" over it.

So that inspired me to take a closer look at #WashoeGOPPlatform. Oh yes, I read through it... All of it! And there were some real turdblossoms blooming "diamonds in the rough" that I encountered.

"We encourage entitlement reforms that will effectively address the issues..." aka #KillMedicare #WashoeGOPPlatform #nvp2

But wait, there's more!

"We support the United States Treasury distribution of gold and silver legal tender monetary coins." HUH? #WashoeGOPPlatform

Ah, but the fun is only beginning!

"The Bush tax cuts should be made permanent." aka #BillionaireBailouts #WashoeGOPPlatform #nvp2

It's bad enough that Washoe County Republicans don't seem to like proven science any more...

"We do not agree with the concept that global warming is a man-made disaster" So #WashoeGOPPlatform doesn't agree w/ #science? #nvp2

But are they ready to condemn that "HERETIC!!!" who will be their Presidential Nominee?

"We view any kind of cap and trade legislation as a punitive tax" except when @MittRomney supported it? #WashoeGOPPlatform #green

So of course, that leads me to...

"We support the immediate defunding and repeal of the 2010 health care package" Based on @MittRomney's #hcr plan? #WashoeGOPPlatform #nvp2

"We oppose any further defunding of Medicare." Except when @SenDeanHeller & @RepJoeHeck vote 4 @RepPaulRyan's budget? #WashoeGOPPlatform

And there was even more denial of not-so-distant history to be found in that platform.

"We oppose amnesty" that #GOP'ers GW Bush & John McCain supported? #WashoeGOPPlatform #latism #nvp2

"We request Congress to immediately repeal the U. S. A. Patriot Act" pushed by GW Bush. Remember him? #WashoeGOPPlatform #nvp2

"We believe govt must operate w/in limits of Constitution & not exceed specifically enumerated powers." What abt GW Bush? #WashoeGOPPlatform

It's like the committee that designed the Washoe County Republican Party's Platform didn't even want to acknowledge the existence of either George W. Bush or the "Massachusetts Moderate" version of Mitt Romney!

Oh, and of course, they had to spice it up with some pure H8 and homophobia!

"We support Nevada’s Marriage Amdt that defines marriage as the union between 1 man and 1 woman." Remember #nveq #WashoeGOPPlatform #nvp2

And in case anyone really thought that the "War on Women" is over, there's this.

"The unborn child has a fundamental right to life" But women don't? #WarOnWomen #WashoeGOPPlatform #feminist #nvp2

Remember, "Severely Conservative" Mitt Romney and his new BFFs in the Washoe County G-O-TEA want to defund Planned Parenthood, destroy women's health care, and not allow women to make their own health care decisions. Wow.

Still, I think my favorite line from the Washoe GOP platform is this.

"We oppose implementation of Agenda 21" Huh? #LooneyTunes #WashoeGOPPlatform

Nothing like some good old fashioned conspiracy crazy to round out such a lovely document!

So why again should Washoe County Democrats be ashamed of their platform?

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