Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet the Candidates: Assembly District 21 (Eisen, Parke, & Wilkening)

On Wednesday, plenty of candidates came to the Henderson Democratic Club's April Legislature candidate night to razzle-dazzle local activists. In addition to hearing from two Assembly candidates running in District 20, we also heard from all three Democratic candidates running in District 21. Now remember, Mark Sherwood declined to run for reelection and AD 21 is one of the top pick-up opportunities for Assembly Democrats, so this is definitely a race the Democrats don't want to f**k up.

And hearing from the three candidates, it sounded like they wanted the room to know they had no intention of doing that.

Andy Eisen began by giving his personal background and saying why he wants to go to Carson City.

Steve Parke then gave his speech, which mixed his personal story with some hard policy... And it still came in under five minutes!

And finally, we heard from Rick Wilkening, who explained why he's stepping out of retirement to run for office.

In AD 21, we have three Democratic candidates who are all stepping out of private life to run for public office. All three now seem to be out in the field. All three seem serious about competing for the grand prize in November. And on Wednesday, all three had an opportunity to share with local voters and activists why they're running and what they want to do in Carson City next year.

Without a doubt, this is a seat that will be full of campaign activity all throughout the cycle! My neighbors here must be eager to meet these candidates at their doorsteps very soon. ;-)

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