Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 of '10: Dina Titus, Comeback Queen?

She's strong. She's principled. She's brassy. She's determined.

And she's never afraid to ruffle feathers. Dina Titus has endured plenty in her political career here in Nevada, including an excruciatingly narrow NV-03 reelection loss...

But is it the end of the road for Dina? Actually, NO! She will soon be on the esteemed US Civil Rights Commission... And she may one day be back in Congress. Nevada is now guaranteed to get a 4th Congressional District, and Dina hasn't done a good job hiding her intention to come back. Again.

And why should she? Just 1,923 votes separated her from another term. And in her one term in Congress, she helped Nevadans save their homes, fought to end childhood hunger, worked to make health care reform work for Nevada, spoke loudly for LGBTQ equality, and was overall a superb Representative in Congress.

I won't forget when she came to our Stonewall BBQ, right across Pittman Wash from my humble Henderson abode. I just couldn't sit on the sidelines when so much was at stake. And although Dina didn't quite make it, I'm still proud of her campaign and what she did for us in NV-03.

This is our loss... For now. But hopefully, we'll see her again soon. ;-)

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