Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday in Brief

Here's what I'm following today:

- Signs of the end being near? Perhaps not yet, but The Legislature and Brian Sandoval might actually agree on something. (Now let's see if they can build on this federal grants bill and eventually get a sane budget passed!) (RGJ)

- But here's yet another distressing sign of the times: Washoe County may start CLOSING schools. (RGJ)

- Will it or won't it? Western Nevada College may also stand on the brink of closing, depending on whom you believe. (NV Appeal)

- It's so easy to stereotype Las Vegas as a "silly place", but Clark County Commissioner and Las Vegas Mayoral Candidate Larry Brown (D) is looking to hit that out of the park should he win. (Sun)

- And guess who wants to fix Las Vegas' schools? She may not have any direct role in public education policy, but that isn't stopping Las Vegas Mayoral Candidate Carolyn Goodman (I) from promising to fix it. (Sun)

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