Monday, March 21, 2011

V for Sharrontology?

He seemed to arrive as a benevolent suitor, as someone who was "here to help". But slowly as time goes by, he reveals his true self.

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"V for Victor" Chaltiel turns out to be just another Sharrontology clone!

Victor Chaltiel, the local businessman outspending all of his rivals on TV, is out with a mailer labeling four other candidates as liberals. He has brief descriptions of each in the piece, which I have posted at right.

My guess is this was sent to Republicans and independents, although his campaign won't confirm.

How do I know it is V for Victor? That's his home address on the piece.

I always knew he'd reveal his true intentions at some point. He really is running to be Sheldon Adelson's radical right lackey in City Hall.

So do Las Vegas voters really want teabagger insanity plaguing local government? Do they want a Sharron Angle wannabe running the show? Or would they like more effective government for a change?


  1. 1. Regardless of who sent out the "Liberal Flyer," the voting public has a right to know what each candidate's base is. All of the candidates, other than Victor, are liberal/Democrats. He is exposing the flip-floppers like Carolyn Goodman. People think Larry Brown is a republican, when in fact he has been a long term registered democrat.

    2. To refer to Victor as a tea partier is ludicrous. He is a longterm upstanding businessman. He is not a lifelong politician who's goal is to continue with a status quo that has lead to 15% Las Vegas unemployment. The man wants to help a city that has helped him.

  2. Andrew, this is pretty over the top. You're typically quite sensible to I'm surprised to read this one sided slander. Although still undecided (and a registered independent), I've been much more open to Victor than I was for Angle. For me, it comes down to finding the best candidate for the job - of creating jobs. Bringing in a Harvard MBA with Fortune 500 experience, and a Fortune 500 network seems pretty reasonable.

  3. LOL neat post bro!
    Making some extreme claims with awesome evidence like this TV drama snippet & Angle anti-immigration ads.
    I'll take two seconds to digest your points. I've learned that the TV show and Victor share the same alphabetical letter 'V'! Also Victor, a immigrant himself, because mentioned in the same post as this anti-immigration Angle ad must himself be anti-immigration too.

    My real takeaway from this post was not anything in regards to Victor but the blogger is actually in fact the real extremist in his claims.
    Take a look in the mirror buddy