Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Case You Were Missing Her...

Here's some of Sharron Angle yesterday at her very finest.

Reporter: What is your position on Yucca Mountain in the wake of Japan?

Angle: “When we have 20 percent of our energy coming from nuclear sources, when we have a military committed to nuclear reactors … we need to be looking at the role we play as a state in what goes on with the nuclear energy industry and those spent fuel rods.”

Reporter: So you still support accepting the waste?

Angle: “What we need to do is we need to find a safe place to put that, and obviously in the wake of Japan, it’s not on our seacoasts.”

Reporter: Is that safe place Yucca Mountain?

Angle: “That’s what our Congress voted. That’s what they said and if we are going to change that we need to revisit that.”

Reporter: But you still support accepting the waste at Yucca Mountain, that’s the right thing to do?

Angle: “The right thing to do is to make sure we have the safety of our citizens in mind, and we don’t leave waste in places that can be dangerous to us.”

Reporter: So Yucca Mountain would be the place to store it?

Angle: “It’s not susceptible to a tsunami, that’s true.”

Ah, Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron!

But wait, there's more! The comedy continued!

“I'm not sure I have ever seen a campaign, less than a week old, having to justify its existence so quickly,” said Ryan Erwin, a GOP consultant and spokesman for [possible NV-02 contender Brian] Krolicki. “It is clear that neither voters nor donors think this is a viable campaign or the campaign wouldn't have scheduled a press conference simply to throw out a few statistics about why they think they can win. It might be good theater but it wasn't convincing.”

Reid beat Angle by 6 percentage points in November after a bitter campaign. But she put up a fight in the high-profile race, raising $14 million in one three-month fundraising quarter and becoming a tea party leader.

Angle shrugged off criticism from Nevada GOP National Committeewoman Heidi Smith that Angle's chances of winning were poor because of her election track record.

Angle, a former state assemblywoman, previously ran for the same House seat in 2006, but lost to Heller by 421 votes. Angle also lost to then-Republican state Sen. Bill Raggio in 2008 before her race against Reid.

“(Abraham) Lincoln and (Ronald) Reagan had losses, and what would have happened to our country had they'd quit?” she asked. “A true leader leads by example, and I'm no quitter.”

Angle denied that she dodged the news media in her race against Reid, telling reporters “I know you had that perception.” She had 100 news media requests for interviews a day and simply couldn't accommodate reporters and run a campaign, she said.

So Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron is the next Abe Lincoln? Hey, I guess it could have been even better. She could have said all the reporters looked "a little Asian" to her, or she could have caused a scene with her "Second Amendment remedies" and "best friends, Smith & Wesson".

Please, Nevada GOP, oh pretty please nominate Sharrontology for NV-02! She clearly wants to turn up the batshit crazy again run the kind of highly esteemed campaign that she did last year.


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