Monday, March 21, 2011

Reality Bites... Will Brian Sandoval Feel It?

(H/T RGJ for video)

Apparently, today's rally in Carson City was the largest in State Capitol history!

I know quite a few of the students who were there. I know they're struggling with full-time jobs, and sometimes family obligations as well. They're doing everything humanly possible to survive...

Including working on higher degrees. But under Sandoval's proposed budget, higher education would not just be decimated and blown to shreds, but whatever is left of it will be forced to become completely unaffordable to even more thousands of Nevadans. What does that mean? Instead of going to school to prepare for good jobs, more of us will be forced to fend for ourselves using whatever means possible.

Long story short, all these education cuts do in the longer term are strain our social services and prison budgets. Yes, you heard me right. Without good education, our workforce will never be attractive to companies that typically pay well. And without good jobs, our people will either continue needing "welfare" (unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) and/or end up in prison.

Is this what Sandoval wants? Is this what our legislators want? Or do they need to ditch the silly political games and look at real solutions? We need to keep letting them know we demand real solutions that save our schools and save our future!

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