Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Johnny Casino's Political Career

@SenEnsign's Farewell to #nvpolitics #NVSen #nvp2 #fb on Twitpic

I was there for the bitter end.

(And I apologize for the shaky quality of the video. I was live tweeting while taping this!)

There he was. Johnny Casino. Saying goodbye.

@SenEnsign saying goodbye to #NVSen #nvpolitics #nvp2 #fb on Twitpic

Instead of facing the voters one more time, Johnny decided to go the "Deus ex machina" route of dropping out of the 2012 campaign due to "family concerns". Oh yes, inexplicably in this last week he and wife Darlene were concerned about how hard campaigning would be on their family. Funny enough, campaigning is more of a threat to his marriage than his own hypocrisy!

So goodbye, Johnny Casino. We'll miss your craven hypocrisy. And your presence in the campaign. And the possibility of soundly rejecting your failed policies in November 2012.

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