Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Revolution at Our Doorstep... Will Be Televised

Just today, another local business leader admitted the obvious.

What we do see more and more is that it’s not low taxes that bring companies to Nevada necessarily. I think that’s something everybody’s really agreeing on now, which is why the whole package is important of what makes this a good place for people to come and do business, and live and bring their families. [...]

One of the things it gets back to is what makes Las Vegas an attractive place to do business. Why do they want to come to Southern Nevada versus going to Arizona or another region? We have to give people a good reason to want to come.

That was Sallie Doebler, President of the group formerly known as the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties. Her industry has been particularly hard hit. Even Doebler herself was affected, as her former Reno based company shut its Las Vegas office as construction demand dried up. She now runs her own consulting firm, and apparently now she's ready to say what so many of us had to learn the hard way.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as Sallie Doebler. I saw that for myself last night, as The Nevada Legislature held a town hall on education and the state budget at Green Valley High School. There, a number of students, teachers, and concerned citizens begged legislators to realize what Sallie Doebler and others already have.

Are we really that much smarter than much of the bunch presently occupying Carson City? Do they not recognize reality? Are they totally tone deaf?

Funny enough, two freshman Republican legislators, State Senator Elizabeth Halseth (R-Las Vegas) and Assembly Member Scott Hammond (R-Las Vegas) seemed to prove just that.

Despite who was behind the tweet, Halseth or AFP Nevada, you have to wonder why they were so upset by the testimony they heard that they feel government must step in and prevent voters from speaking and having access to their elected officials.

Was it the 3rd grader with type 1 diabetes who didn't want his school nurse to be fired because he'd have no one to give him his insulin shot? The bus driver who faithfully performed her duties for Clark County School District for 30 years? [...] Or the mother of three who wanted her kids education to mean something when they graduate and go out into the world?

Funny enough, neither one was present, yet both Republican legislators took to Twitter to spread lies about unions "shutting out citizens". I also have to ask why they and their "Tea Party, Inc." patrons were so afraid of seeing so many Nevadans, including parents, local teachers, and students, speak the truth.

Are they now becoming afraid as more and more business folk and economists state the obvious fact that we'll never have a first rate economy with third world schools? Are they now afraid that more and more Nevadans are waking up and tasting the anthrax that's our failed state of "no taxes"? Whatever the case, perhaps the teabaggers are sensing the revolution at our doorstep... And they are scared.

Honestly, I'm still wondering if enough legislators really get it. However, I'm suddenly feeling something I haven't genuinely felt in some time.I think I have hope again.

If so many people can take the time to send this powerful message, can Carson City keep ignoring us? It's finally starting to look like the revolution will be televised, after all. Can they really tune all of us out?

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  1. Great write up Andrew. I'm starting to feel hopeful again too!