Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey, Chuck. Eat Some Crow.

Last week, AP and NPR profiled a friend and neighbor of mine. I talked about her back in January.

And now, she is the target of Chuck Muth's vicious smear campaign. I won't quote any of it, as it's full of totally false assumptions and baseless lies. However, I will invite you just this once to click on the above link to see just how low Chuck Muth can go.

First off, why won't he even bother to talk to Teralee himself? She would have told him that:

1. She drives a beaten up Hyundai. (The other car in question belongs to an AP photographer.)

2. Cherrie is her sister. She works at Bass Pro Shops and helps out with family expenses.

3. Tera is a full-time student at UNLV, so please pardon her for not being the best housekeeper in the world. (Anyone want to inspect Muth's house? Or does he hire some maid service to take care of that for him?)

4. When certain politicians, such as Joe Heck and Sharron Angle, threaten one's livelihood by pushing for cuts to education, of course someone like Tera will get angry, get motivated, and take action! Isn't this what America is about?

5. Tera is one of the most amazing mothers I've ever encountered. She gives up her own luxuries so that her kids can eat and have regular lives. How dare that asshole question her parenting abilities! (And by the way, Trader Joe's really isn't "high-priced". And she'd be lucky if she could qualify for food stamps.)

So why is Chuck Muth going to such lengths to spread such disgusting lies about one person? Maybe because he's afraid of Nevadans discovering the gruesome truth behind his "Tea Party, Inc." friends? Maybe because people saw their own suffering when they caught a glimpse of Tera's life?

What Chuck Muth and his teabagger friends are out to do is divide and conquer. Simple as that. They want to distract us with lurid sideshows so we don't notice the failing state collapsing all around us.

All Muth & Co. have are lies. All the "tea party" has is batshit crazy fueled by lies. And if they see someone like Teralee Burbank, someone who's working her hardest to change her life for the better and provide for her family, as a "threat", then they really are sick and pathetic.

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