Monday, March 14, 2011

Scenes from the Campaign Trail: Chris G House Party in Las Vegas

(As campaign season heats up in the final days before early voting begins, I'll be going around the valley and looking at who's doing what.)

@Giunchigliani @iamderekw b-day party/ house party @artsfacto... on Twitpic

@laurakmm & @juanobano kickin' it @iamderekw @Giunch... on Twitpic

guests @Giunchigliani @iamderekw @artsfactorylv house party #... on Twitpic

Last night, Chris Giunchigliani's campaign hosted a house party, debate watch party, and birthday party (for some special supporters) last night. Above and below are the sights and sounds of what happened at The Arts Factory.

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