Monday, August 9, 2010

NV-03: Is Joe Heck Running Away from Sharrontology?

Did Joe Heck just try to pull the wool over Jon Ralston's eyes? Yes, I know. He wasn't at that "conservative country" concert with Sharron Angle on Saturday... But he was supposed to be.

So is Heck now trying to run away from Obtuse Angle? Well, if he is, he'll have an awfully hard time separating at the hip. Heck, Heck even copycats Angle's wackadoodle rhetoric that Congress should not be helping states create jobs!

Dr. Heck even used the same wording as Angle, “the role of Congress is not to create jobs“, and he also wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, just as Sharron Angle wants to do. In fact,Dr. Heck took $5000.00 dollars for signing a pledge to privatize Social Security and Medicare.
For more than 200 years, voters in every State have sent their elected officials to DC to help bring money back to their States for all kinds of special projects that create jobs.
There are thousands of special projects across the country and most of them are worthy projects and deserving of our federal dollars, not all special projects are pork.
Because of Nevada’s Democratic delegation of Dina Titus, Shelly Berkley, and Harry Reid, new jobs are being created for Nevada.
Solar plants, wind turbines, and geothermal are all being expanded in our State, and with that expansion comes jobs. A new high speed train system from Southern California to Las Vegas will be built, which will bring more tourists to our State, which will create new jobs. A new VA hospital, more jobs, etc. You get the idea.

None of those special projects could have happened without the help of the federal government and the federal dollars that our elected officials help to secure for those special projects.

And wait, it gets worse. You know how Heck always boasts about being a doctor? Well, guess which "doctors' association" Heck's been associating with? Take a look at the picture below...

Notice something familiar? Yes, it's the same crazy teabagger "doctor" (see who made comment #2 at that link!) front group that Sharrontology visited in San Diego on Saturday! And Heck himself did an AAPS "tea party" last November, hence the above screenshot.

So does Joe Heck agree with Sharrontology's crazy "ideas"? The evidence so far shows just that. Just remember to hire the right lobbyists and funnel money into his campaign.

The medical industry had spent close to $1 billion to fight reforms using attack ads, lobbyists, campaign donations, as well as funding protest rallies in Washington DC and all across our country at Tea Parties. The medical industry created lies such as death panels and the government is taking over health care. And despite all that was against her, Dina Titus who has lots of moxie did what was right by voting in favor of Health Care reforms for her District, her State of Nevada and our Nation. 

State Senator Joe Heck not only wants to repeal all of the above mentioned reforms, he wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security which would be devastating to ALL senior citizens in the United States. 

A few months ago Anthem insurance company which is owned by WellPoint, increased premiums by as much as 39 percent in California (in other States WellPoint increased premiums by as much as 50 percent).

The insurance companies removed tens of thousands from their insurance rolls in California alone because of high costs of care due to age, sex and pre-existing problems, and they did all of this to increase their net profits to satisfy share holders. And Joe Heck wants to put Social Security and Medicare into the hands of those same types of people who will also have to answer to their shareholders.

State Senator Joe Heck does not appear to have the best interests of Nevadan’s in mind when he says he wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security, but he does look like he supports the corporations and their share holders, which is why the special interests have spent $1.3 million on attack ads with a promise to spend even more as we approach Novembers mid-term general election.

Just like Sharrontology, Heck is more than willing to sell out Nevada's best interests for that cold, hard "Tea Party, Inc." cash. And no matter whether he's now trying to convince us he's had a "change of heart", he can't hide this.

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