Friday, August 27, 2010

So Sharrontology STILL Thinks There Are "Domestic Enemies" in Congress?

This time, Heidi Harris tried to intervene... But we know how that usually goes. (Audio here!)

HARRIS: They have gone back to almost a year ago, dug through a conversation you had with my buddy Bill Manders up there in Reno, the big talker up there, where he said that we have domestic enemies and he thinks some of them are in the walls of the Senate and Congress, and you agreed with him. Did you agree with him?

ANGLE: Well, we were talking about what's going on in Congress, of course, and the policies that have come out of Congress, and those policies as we've all seen over the last 18 months have definitely hurt our country.

HARRIS: Yeah, well I agree with you by the way, but I wanted to make sure you got you a chance to clarify that, because I'll tell you the truth, Sharron. I do think we actually do have folks in Congress who truly want to do us harm and see us change from the nation we are now.

ANGLE: There is no doubt that the policies that have been coming out in the last 18 months have injured us, and injured us most specifically here in Nevada.

And Greg Sargent couldn't have explained better why this matters.

If Angle's comment had occured in a vacuum, ignoring it might be understandable, since the radio host is the one who originally made the incendiary claim. But she agreed with it, and she's now refusing to disavow it. And there's a larger context here. Given her previous statements -- particularly her claim that the public may resort to "Second Amendment remedies" if Congress continues on its current course -- It's perfectly reasonable to imagine that she very well might believe that there are "domestic enemies" within Congress.

We all know Sharron Angle's history of saying batshit crazy stuff like this. So clearly, she refuses to take responsibility for what she's doing. Instead, she's willing to fuel the flames of violent, armed "resistance" for her own political benefit. Let's make sure she isn't rewarded for this crap.

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