Monday, August 9, 2010

NV-03: Dina Titus Comes to Stonewall BBQ, Reminds Us Why She's Awesome

Yes, my dears, that was really Dina Titus talking with us on Saturday at our Elect Equality celebration barbeque on Saturday! Since we all know Stonewall throws the best parties and Team Titus does the best BBQ, we figured it was also a good excuse to party it up in my 'hood here in Henderson. ;-)

No, but seriously, we were so excited to see Dina win Elect Equality, and in turn all the help we'll be receiving from National Stonewall. No one deserves it more than Dina, someone who's never hesitated to stand with Southern Nevada's LGBTQ community whenever we've needed her. And with "Tea Party, Inc." spending their corporate patrons' millions on the anti-equality Republicans running here, it's good to see the grassroots forces for equality come in and make sure we reelect proven allies and heroes like Dina Titus.

Oh, and we had some more special guests there! Derek brought in a live DJ. State Senators David Parks and Joyce Woodhouse came over to party with us. So did Assembly Members Mark Manendo and Paul Aizley.

Not that long ago, we LGBTQ Americans were maligned as "cockroaches" of our society, scum of the earth who respectable people were not to be seen with. It's amazing how far we've come over the years... But we still have much further to go before we reach full equality. That's why it's critical for us not to forget how important this election is, and to remember who our real friends are. These people are our friends and family. These crazy people are not.

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