Thursday, August 26, 2010

Extreme Sharrontology: Why She's No Good for Us

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And come on, we know NONE of these are lies, or even exaggerations. Just look at everything she's publicly said... Or at least everything she said back when her DC handlers weren't trying to hide the real Sharron Angle.

We know that she refuses to acknowledge that well educated students means a stronger, more sustainable economy for Nevada. Hell, she even opposed our former REPUBLICAN Governor Kenny Guinn on Millennium Scholarships!

Yes, you heard me right. Sharron Angle opposed our late REPUBLICAN Governor's proposal to use funds from the Big Tobacco settlement to ensure that high school students who worked hard and achieved strongly in high school could go to college! How much more extreme can one get?

No wonder why most of us young folk are realizing we have only one choice in this election.

Really? Do we want that kind of leadership that brought home much needed aid to keep teachers doing their job and educating our kids, or this kind of extremism?

As I've said before, good education is the key to bringing and keeping good jobs in this state! And speaking of good jobs, we also know we have plenty of opportunities in renewable energy. Harry Reid has delivered on renewable energy projects in Nevada...

While Sharron Angle denies real science on climate change, refuses to lift a single finger to bring green collar jobs to Nevada, wants to bring a dangerous nuclear waste dump within 100 miles of Las Vegas, and supports polluting our fine state so her Big Coal & Big Oil corporate BFFs can profit while we suffer.

I know it's been funny sometimes to mock Sharron Angle's extremism, but let's not forget that at the end of the day, Sharrontology and her dangerous extremism are NO laughing matters! She cares nothing about the well-being of Nevada. She just says crazy things to curry the teabaggers' favor, even if it means blurting out irresponsible statements that could hurt all of us.

Sharrontology wants to eliminate fundamental bedrocks of our social safety net, like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance. She wants to let the fossil fuel industry continue to run amok with their irresponsible profiteering while The Gulf suffers from BP's folly, our nation tries to catch up in green jobs opportunities, and Nevada looks to clean energy for an economically AND environmentally sustainable future. She wants to destroy our schools, and along with them our kids' future job opportunities, in her classic style of being "penny wise and pound foolish". Simply put, Sharron Angle is just too extreme and impractical for us in Nevada. We need someone who will fight for our best interest, NOT someone who calls us "spoiled" and ignores us while getting her latest radical right marching orders.

There's really only one choice we have for US Senate. We can't afford to lose the strongest voice we have in Congress.

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