Monday, August 2, 2010

Sharrontology Strikes Again, Attacks CityCenter, Las Vegas

(Btw, Desert Beacon has even more facts and figures on this, as well as some logic that Sharrontology simply doesn't believe in.)

Don't believe me... Watch for yourself!

So Sharrontology Obtuse Angle is attacking what Harry Reid did to save the 22,000 jobs at CityCenter? What, would it have been better for people to be without work? Or does she just hate Las Vegas and the workers that make the magic happen on The Strip?

And before someone tries to defend her loony rants by saying Reid "ignores everyone else", remember that this is simply not true. After all, thanks to Reid's efforts, the new "Nevada Transmission Line" project will be providing all sorts of new jobs up north in the rurals. So yet again, Sharrontology is caught in another lie. And yet again, she was far too clumsy in her delivery.


  1. Took a riff on this one over at Desert Beacon. The Candidate (Angle) simply makes NO sense.

  2. Excuse me??? We talking 22,000 jobs! Where exactly does Ms. Angle think those people would have/should have been employed instead? Or does she think they should have lost those jobs and gone to work for one of those "good jobs" at McDonalds? What part of the economy was harmed by saving those construction jobs? It's not like they stole secretaries, jackblack dealers, pit bosses or burger turners to raise steel, wire, plumb, insulate, paint, etc., to construct those towers. I think here 'angle' is a bit awry.