Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharrontology Says We're "Spoiled". I Think She's Nuts.

So everyone is talking about Harry Reid's new ad hitting Sharron Angle hard on her insane comments on our unemployed being "spoiled" by $400 per week checks as they look everywhere for new work...

But you know what? Debra Harding isn't the only one hit hard by the "jobs deficit". There are many more who have been pummeled by the recession, and who don't need Sharrontology lecturing them on being "spoiled".

I've had friends and family who have lost their jobs. They certainly weren't "spoiled" by any lap of luxury while they were either draining whatever they had left in savings... Or if not even that "spoiled", figuring out how to get by week to week, month to month. And they certainly were NOT "afraid of getting a job". Rather, they were looking everywhere they could until they found other jobs.

I know you must also know people who have gone through the same ordeal. Can this seriously be considered "spoiling our citizenry"? Sharron Angle is just so out of touch with all the rest of us in Nevada who have seen with our own eyes the wreckage from this recession, caused by the very radical right policies that Sharrontology so loves.

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