Friday, August 27, 2010

So All Sharrontology's Big Spending Leads to This?

(UPDATE: Media Matters debunks Sharrontology's latest lying ads and exposes her campaign yet again for trying to make us forget reality.)

Virtually no change in this week's R-J poll! And hidden behind the top lines (Reid 45, Angle 44) are some deeply disturbing numbers for Sharrontology. 66% of Angle voters say they'd prefer another Republican taking her place in the general election, as opposed to just 18% of Reid voters who say they'd prefer another Democrat in his place in the general. Now for someone hoping to capitalize on "Reid's unpopularity", it doesn't help that one's own BASE is far from excited and wondering if it was a mistake to nominate one.

I guess the more Republicans learn about Sharron Angle, the less they like about their own nominee.

I guess they're starting to realize just how extreme she is. Clearly, we still have a lot of work to do in explaining why Sharrontology's radical right extremism is not worth the gamble. However, Nevada voters aren't stupid and it seems all of her spending, all of Baby Tark's antics, and all of Karl Rove's dirty tricks can't buy the election for Sharrontology.

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