Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When Did the GOP Become a Madhouse? Hint: It's NOT Just Sharron Angle.

It's nice to see more and more of our fellow Nevadans, even (perhaps especially!) Republicans, reject the kind of insane extremism Sharron Angle represents. In fact, I feel quite sorry for my Republican friends, family, and neighbors these days. Think about it. When did their party cease to represent smart conservative thought? And when did this party become "The Party of Batshit Crazy"?

And now, it's going beyond Obtuse Angle. Joe Heck is increasingly toeing the "tea party" line and agreeing with Sharrontology's crazy on eliminating women's reproductive rights, destroying Social Security and Medicare, and denying the federal government has any role in job creation (actually, it does).

The same is happening to Brian Sandoval. In order to beat Jim Gibbons, he's essentially had to become Gibbons... At least policy wise. Even as REPUBLICAN leaders in the legislature have realized we need to talk realistic about the budget and tax policy, Sandoval refuses to acknowledge reality.

And he has no problem flip-flopping! Wherever he goes, he'll have a different answer ready for you.

So when did the party of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Goldwater get reduced to this? This isn't conservatism. This is MADNESS.

It takes me back to last month, when Former Governor Kenny Guinn so tragically passed away. Would there be room for him in today's Republican Party? Hell, would there be room for Barry Goldwater and his support for LGBTQ equality? Would there be room for Dwight Eisenhower and his support for Social Security and massive federal infrastructure projects? Would there be room for Teddy Roosevelt and his passion to save our planet? Would there be room for Abraham Lincoln and his support for civil rights?

What happened? For the sake of all of us, our entire state, and our entire country, the Republican Party needs to do some more soul searching and ponder whether this "tea party invasion" is really working in their favor.

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