Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rundown of Team Reid's NARA Luncheon/Training

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In case you're not one of my Twitter friends, here's a quick rundown of what happened earlier today at Harry Reid's and NARA's fabulous luncheon and training. We talked about the issues we're facing, especially issues that Nevada's seniors are talking about, like Social Security, Medicare, and what will happen now with health care reform becoming law. Oh yes, and let's not forget all the long-time Nevadans who know Harry Reid quite well and know what he's been doing to help his fellow Nevadans.

In fact, I met a number of wonderful folks today, long-time Nevadans who I will be talking with more in the coming days so I can share with you what they know about Harry Reid and what he's been doing for us here in Nevada. And really, that's also what we talked about today. We talked about sharing our stories, our stories of Nevada and our experiences of working with Senator Reid.

Danny Thompson, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada AFL-CIO, shared his story (and you can read all about it on my Twitter page). So did a number of other good union workers and retired Nevadans who were there. And again, in the coming days and weeks you'll hear more of their stories.

So why am I going on and on about this crazy sh*t? Here's why. When I moved to Nevada last year, I wasn't really all that gung-ho for Reid. I knew he was Senate Majority Leader, but I found him a little too milquetoast and centrist for my personal taste.

But you know what? This last year has been my "crash course" on Nevada politics and how this state works. And believe it or not, this state wouldn't work if it weren't for all of Harry Reid's hard work for us in the Senate.

Think about it. We got the stimulus pumping much needed money back into our state's economy. We got the Travel Promotion Act, which will help bring more international tourists to Las Vegas. We got CityCenter opened. We got Harrah's debt restructured. We got health care reform passed. And now, we're getting jobs programs passed and on line. And if it weren't for Harry Reid, none of this would have happened.

This is what I remember whenever I'm griping at him over any of my usual minor complaints. He may not be perfect, but he's really the best public servant Nevada has... And we really can't afford to lose him.

That's what all of us at the luncheon were realizing as we were talking about the campaign, about reaching out to our neighbors, and about how to refute the radical right's ridiculous lies. We're not just doing this so that Harry Reid can be reelected, but we're doing this to make sure Nevada still has a powerful advocate speaking up for us working class folks in DC.

So again, be on the lookout for more true stories from real Nevadans coming soon. And in the mean time, here are a few more pics from the luncheon and training. Oh yes, and you can always find more of my pics at Twitpic.

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