Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April Fool's Day Joke: The NV GOP's in Deep Sh*t

So the last post was my April Fool's Day joke. Liked it? I thought so.

However, this is no joke... Well, it is, but this is for real.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Chris Comfort officially resigned Tuesday, leaving the party committee leaderless just seven months before it hopes to unseat Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

The statement from the state party said Comfort resigned for "business and family reasons," something he had previously indicated he planned to do. His departure is just the latest upheaval for the state party, known for its dysfunction, which complicates the GOP's efforts to capitalize on Democratic vulnerabilities in the state in 2010 after significant losses in 2008.

Comfort took the helm last November, after Chairwoman Sue Lowden stepped down to run for Senate. His short tenure has not been without controversy -- recently, he faced blowback for approving the party's endorsement of Michele Fiore for the 1st district seat, over other GOP candidates.

State Republicans continue to lag badly behind the Democrats in funding, though they have narrowed the gap slightly in voter registration.

Ah, the Nevada GOoP continues to devolve further into a giant hot mess! I'm loving it.

So what's "Plan B"? I'm really interested in finding out.

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