Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NV-Sen: What an Actual Hometown Rally Looks Like

(Also at Stonewall)

Above are some scenes from yesterday's Harry Reid rally in Las Vegas. Since thousands of teabaggers weren't bused in from out-of-state for this, the righties are trying to spin this as "FAIL"... However, they forget that we can see that it was a crowd of locals on a busy Monday afternoon.

So we had some good speeches from State Treasurer Kate Marshall, State Assembly Member Ruben Kihuen, Representatives Dina Titus and Shelley Berkley, and a few others.

Here were some of my favorite quotes, pulled from my Twitter:

"I am a Democrat because we are the party of YES WE CAN!"- Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall

"It's because of his leadership that we got health care through... He deserves a big thank you from us" [...]
Reid is "driving Nevada forward, and driving the country forward" - Rep. Dina Titus (D-CD3)

"This guy's gonna be the future of Nevada"- Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-CD1)... This is what she said in 1968 when she volunteered for Harry Reid's first State Assembly race.

And all in all, it was a pretty festive event. The mood was upbeat, and people were merrily chatting it up, munching on hot dogs and burgers, and having a good time. Now contrast this to this load of batsh*t crazy:

If the GOoPers really think flying in a few Faux News teevee stars will help them defeat Harry Reid, they don't even know what's coming for them.

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