Thursday, April 29, 2010

NV-Sen: Lowdown in Trouble? Yes, b/c She Brought It on Herself

H/T Resident Nevadan Jed at Daily Kos for this...

And this.

No, Sue. You can't blame Harry Reid for your stupid idea. When you propose that uninsured folks should pay for health care with chickens, then you're the one changing the topic. And, I must say, you're doing it in most hilarious fashion.

I just hope Republicans don't see this video. If they do, Lowden is toast in the primary, and at this point, we definitely want her to be the nominee. Fortunately, there's only a month before the primary and she's leading the field.

Hopefully she pulls it out, because she's just an awful candidate. Lowden's Chickens for Checkups disaster has been unfolding for three weeks now, and each time she opens her mouth, she makes things worse. Now that she's finally gone on camera to try to turn things around, she's just gotten herself stuck even deeper in the ditch.

If she can't quell a controversy about using chickens to pay for medical care, how in the world does she think she's going to be able to defeat Harry Reid?

True. For all the folks trying to blame Harry Reid and Democrats for Suzy Lowdown imploding her own campaign, that's just hogwash. Suzy Lowdown did this to herself, and she is the only one to blame for this scandal taking over her campaign. Obviously, no one is putting words in her mouth... Nope, she's keeping this story alive by continuing to talk about it and talk about it and talk some more about it without offering any real health care policy.

The Hill has more on this:

“Before we all started having healthcare, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor,” Lowden said during a recent TV interview on the Nevada-based program “NewsMakers.” “I’m not backing down from that system.”

The quote has left Washington-based Republican strategists scratching their heads — bartering is not part of the GOP’s playbook for attacking the Democrats’ healthcare bill. And it might have opened the door for her primary rivals to seize the nomination.

“It absolutely creates the opportunity for other candidates to get in this race,” said Ryan Erwin, a Las Vegas-based consultant who is working with Republican Senate candidate John Chachas.

Lowden’s original statement about bartering came almost three weeks ago at a town hall in Mesquite, Nev., that was videotaped by the Reid campaign. Strategists and political observers say Lowden’s campaign should have been able to move past the story more quickly. Instead she has repeatedly expanded on her comments — reiterating her support for bartering in a Las Vegas radio interview on Tuesday. [...]

“If she makes it past the primary, it would probably be a liability in the general election. Harry Reid would have some fun with it,” said Ted Jelen, a political science professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

With polls showing only a small group of undecided voters, Jelen said the result will hinge on turnout. “This might help Harry energize the base,” he said.

So without a doubt, "Barter-gate" may end up being the kind game-changer that Republicans weren't hoping for. And this is all their own making.

Republicans have been crowing for weeks about "repeal and replace", supposedly because the health care reform passed last month is do awful. So what do they want to replace it with? Bartering chickens? Trading house paint jobs?

Suzy Lowdown got herself into this mess because she still offers no serious health care policy. If she wants to keep talking about bartering, it's no one else's fault that the entire country is laughing at her. And if the Republicans keep encouraging their candidates to offer no meaningful, serious, rational policy solutions on anything, it's no one else's fault that they're losing grasp of an election they thought they were "supposed to win".

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