Thursday, April 29, 2010

NV-Sen: Harry Reid, Health Care, "Lowdencare", GOP FAIL, and the Election

"Some people told me health reform wasn't politically smart, but I believe it's right for Nevada."

That's how Senator Reid closed the second of his three new health care ads going up this week, but ultimately it looks like health care reform will be both: both politically smart AND right for Nevada, that is. In addition to these new TV ads, he also has a "Nevada Health Facts" web site up with more good facts about health care reform. So far, it isn't looking bad...

And things may be looking even better in the coming weeks, now that Research 2000 is showing Lowden losing her lead over "Barter-gate" and GOoPer infighting set to ramp up some more this week.

Sue Lowden’s chickens-for-checkups gaffe is no longer just fodder for Dems and pointy-headed east coast talk show hosts. Her Republican rival is now officially making it an issue in the Nevada GOP Senate primary.

Danny Tarkanian, who runs a real estate business and is challenging Lowden, launched his first direct chickens-for-checkups attack on Lowden today, pointing to it as proof that she doesn’t have what it takes to take on Harry Reid in a general election.

The occasion for this move: Lowden gave an interview to a local TV station on chickens-for-checkups that has only landed her deeper in the manure. In attempting to explain herself, she looked a bit like a chicken who had begun to cross the road only to realize a truck was bearing down on her.

So for all the talk some weeks back about "Harry Reid is dead", the whole country is now starting to see just how f*cked up the Nevada GOoP is. Jeez, where's Dina Titus when we need her? (Btw, we still love her here, too... And I bet Team Titus is also liking this news!) :-p

Honestly, this is what we need to see more of. We need to keep seeing this contrast. Harry Reid and Democrats have provided real solutions on health care while the Republicans just offer idiotic crap. Same goes with Wall Street Reform. Same goes with economic recovery. Keep making those contrasts, and I'm sure Reid's poll numbers will continue to improve in the coming weeks.

Believe it or not, a good number of us Nevadans aren't stupid. We appreciate good policy, and we appreciate our elected officials who actually serve us and actually deliver good policy. As long as Harry Reid keeps doing this, he need not worry come November. :-)

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