Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NV-Gov: #AZRacism Exposes Sandoval Flip-flops

Are we surprised Dan Hart's 527 campaign is hitting Brian Sandoval hard on this? (H/T Nevada Scandalmonger)

Especially after Sandoval has done a total 180 flip-flop on immigration?

The three Republican candidates for governor threatened to rouse the Hispanic electorate last week during a televised debate, when Brian Sandoval and Mike Montandon endorsed an Arizona law that critics say could lead to widespread racial profiling of Hispanics.

A third candidate, Gov. Jim Gibbons, endorsed racial profiling.

The Arizona law, which was signed last week by Gov. Jan Brewer, compels local and state law enforcement to question the identity and immigration status of people if there is reason to believe they are not here legally. Those who cannot produce evidence of legal status could face six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. [...]

Immigration has been a difficult issue for Sandoval since he began his campaign. In response to a question from a Hispanic businesswoman, he flirted with the idea of giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses but later came out against it.

Luis Valera, chairman of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the Arizona law, seemed incredulous when asked about Sandoval’s support for it: “I know Brian. I know he has told me he would never support anything that leads to racial profiling. Not only from a moral standpoint, but it would not stand up to a constitutional challenge.”

Asked to respond to Sandoval’s unequivocal answer, he said, “I’d ask him for a clarification on it.”

And by the way, yes, Brian Sandoval really did endorse the heinous and bigoted Arizona SB 1070.

On Arizona’s immigration law and racial profiling, Gibbons gave a confusing answer: “Racial profiling should be used for terrorism, if someone is coming here to deal drugs, commit crime, commit terrorist acts. If you’re going to racially profile an Irishman, then I’m going to question that. The constitution gives us all certain rights.”

Montandon said he supported profiling though it should not be racially based.

Sandoval, who was the state’s first Hispanic attorney general, said: “I have reviewed Arizona’s law, and I anticipated this question. I would support Arizona’s law. I do not support amnesty. I do not support driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.”

His statement seemed to contradict what he told the Latino Lions Club in Reno — that he would consider driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

The hard line on immigration played well with the conservative crowd. But in November it will certainly be used by Reid to motivate Hispanic voters.

So who is the real Brian Sandoval? Who would we really get as Governor if he were elected?

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