Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Majesty of Our "Party of No Progress"

I thought you'd like this:

And aren't they so cute! These GOoPer kiddies have really come a long way. And you know who loves them so much, even as other GOoPers are running away from them as fast as they can?

Yes, my dears, it's Suzy Lowdown!

"Sen. Ensign is very popular here in Nevada, and he has an excellent voting record," Lowden said. "I hope that he becomes part and parcel of what's going to be a very vigorous campaign."

Oh yes, Johnny Casino has an "excellent voting record" when it comes to obstructing economic recovery, preventing people from accessing the health care they need, and just kicking working families while they're down. And it already looks like Suzy Lowdown is following in his footsteps!

Yes, they are all part of the big, crappy "happy" dysfunctional GOoPer family. "Luv-Guv-Lite" Sandoval and Suzy Lowdown may occasionally forget to remind us of this, but all we have to do is look at the family portraits to see the resemblance.

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