Monday, April 19, 2010

NV-Sen: Cons Want Johnny Casino Out... But Does Suzy Lowdown?

Yesterday's Reno Gazette-Journal featured an AP story on some leading Nevada GOoPers asking our other Senator, the scandalicious GOoPer Johnny Casino, to quit.

Republicans believe that Ensign’s troubles are a colossal distraction in the high-profile effort to oust Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

Chuck Muth, the former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party, called Ensign “an albatross around the necks of every Nevada Republican candidate on the ballot this year” and likened him to a political “suicide bomber.”

The discord among GOP loyalists bubbled to the surface last week and follows grand jury subpoenas issued to a Republican campaign committee and companies in Nevada about Ensign’s role in seeking work for the husband of his former mistress.

The Senate Ethics Committee is also investigating.

The scandal has marked a stunning fall for a politician who was once a rising conservative star with White House aspirations.

Even Dean Heller is recognizing reality.

U.S. Rep. Dean Heller, R-Carson City, called Ensign a “wounded junior senator” whose scandal could potentially have an impact up and down the Republican ticket this fall.

Heller cited Ensign’s scandal last year as one reason he decided to seek re-election rather than challenge Reid.

Even Lil' Tark Shark has had to flip-flop on wanting Johnny Casino's strong support.

“I must respectfully say that ... I do not expect to be campaigning with Sen. Ensign this fall,” said Danny Tarkanian, a Republican primary candidate in the race.

But Suzy Lowdown? Oh no, this is what she said.

Sue Lowden, the presumed Republican front-runner in challenging Reid, said she has supported Ensign in the past “but I also encourage that the current allegations against Sen. Ensign reach a conclusion through the thorough investigation that has been launched.”

And in her recent "hard-hitting interview" on Faux News, this was all Ms. Suzy could muster.

Lowden told Greta Van Susteren that she and Ensign have “been friendly for many, many years”
and that she wants “his support and all Republicans’ support.” When asked
whether or not she would like for Ensign to “step aside while this
investigation is going on,” Lowden responded, “I think that the
investigation should continue, and it’ll figure itself out.” When asked if
she is “one hundred percent behind him,” Lowden said: “I am one hundred
percent behind having the investigation continue and letting it work itself

But why? Well, why not! After all, Suzy Lowdown is awfully proud of her lovely GOoPer family. I mean, just last summer she was beaming with pride when she said:

"Sen. Ensign is very popular here in Nevada, and he has an excellent voting record," Lowden said. "I hope that he becomes part and parcel of what's going to be a very vigorous campaign."

Yes, Suzy Lowdown, Johnny Casino is "very popular here in Nevada"... Among the super-rich and radical righties that like corporate tax breaks and religious right hypocrisy. But among the rest of us, we see him as an embarrassment to our state.

It's bad enough we still have him... But we don't need another Senator just like him.

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