Monday, April 19, 2010

NV-01: Another Scandalicious Repuke

Ah, that Nevada GOoP: home of such glorious luminaries as "Luv-Guv" Gibbons, Johnny Casino, Suzy Lowdown, Batsh*t Crazy Angle... And now, Michelle Fiore! Yes, my dears, Shelley Berkley must really be shaking in her boots (more like laughing her boots off!) over this. I mean, she's armed and dangerous... And even has a $47,351.26 lien against one of her properties for not paying taxes on it!

Now kids, that's what I really consider good ol' fashioned GOoPer family values! They may not like out of work Nevadans getting help while they look for new jobs, and they don't like elected officials like Dina Titus who actually use their positions to help constituents facing serious problems like home foreclosure. But oh yes, these GOoPers always love them some tax evaders and law breakers!

Oh, and by the way, speaking of my Congresscritter... She may be running in District 1, but she actually lives with me and Dina Titus in District 3. I guess she was concerned she couldn't compete well against the professional GOoPer campaign switcher Joe Heck? And she doesn't fear Craig Lake, a candidate so formidable he's afraid to call himself a Republican?

Well, obviously her campaign is off to a great start...

And best of luck to Michelle Fiore... She's obviously into my kind of GOoPer crazy! (Just don't expect Shelley Berkley to be easy on this latest GOoPer buffoon.)

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