Monday, April 26, 2010

Meanwhile Next Door, Racism Becomes State Law...

In case you missed it, Arizona codified racism in its state law on Friday. Under the guise of "getting tough on illegal immigration, Arizona's AB 1070 will allow police officers to use racial profiling and other intrusive techniques that clearly violate the Fourth Amendment provision forbidding unreasonable search and seizure.

By the way, why is it that the radical right likes to talk about "loving the Constitution" only when they're protecting corporate profits and have no legal ground to stand upon, but otherwise dismiss it and try to rip it into shreds? Citizenzero found some really scary teabagger comments that really prove this point.

And whenever the teabagger fruit cakes talk about immigration, why don't they ever go to the source of the problem? Blog for Arizona nails it.

It is Mexico that has seen its former agrarian economy disrupted by American agribusinesses that have bought up large collectives of land and forced small land owners off their family farms and into a desperate search for work anywhere they can find it. This is the consequence of NAFTA, CAFTA and free-trade policies. Exploitive American trade policies created this problem within Mexico. And exploitive American employers perpetuate the problem on this side of the border by hiring coyotes to transport illegal immigrant labor to the United States. As a result, people desperate for work die in the desert trying to cross the border or are victimized by human traffickers.

The drug cartel violence is largely concentrated within Mexico. It is the Mexican government threatened by "Narco" warlords and Mexican citizens threatened by drug cartel violence. It is Mexicans who are dying at the hands of drug lords made fabulously wealthy by Americans' demand for illegal drugs. Every time an American drug user purchases illegal drugs, that American is contributing to the wealth of the drug cartels and indirectly contributing to the deaths of Mexicans. Consider yourself an accessory to this crime. Americans can complain about gang violence on this side of the border all they want, but it is Americans' demand for illegal drugs that is contributing to the wealth of these gangs and indirectly contributing to the deaths of Americans on this side of the border. Again, consider yourself an accessory to this crime.

So let's focus on the real cause of this problem, shall we: exploitive American employers, and American drug users. Take a good look in the mirror, America, and face the cold hard truth. The solution to this problem begins with you.

See? It's really our problem. We're the ones that want the cheap fast food. We're the ones that want the good rock cocaine. We're the ones that want the cheap "helpers" standing outside Star & Moon Valley Nurseries at Eastern & the 215. We are the problem, and criminalizing being Latino and scapegoating immigrants won't help solve anything.

But hey, they're radical right Republicans... When have we ever expected real solutions coming from them?

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