Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why No Teabagger Anger Over "Missing" Republicans?

Five elected officials. No town-hall meetings.

But only Reid gets his picture plastered on the side of a milk carton on a news release by Republican Party officials in Nevada demanding an in-person meeting. Only Berkley gets surrounded by a crowd trying to crash her appearance at a local event to demand a meeting. (Her office notes that after emerging from the crowd, Berkley went on to talk for two hours about health care and other topics, answering dozens of questions at a very civil forum.)

The question that arises: Why is no one asking Nevada’s two Republican elected officials for town-hall meetings? Why aren’t Ensign or Heller on milk cartons stamped “missing”?

How very true. Republicans whine and scream about "Democrats not doing town halls!" when both Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus have done face-to-face, person-to-person "Congress at the Corner" events this month to get past the orchestrated right-wing "protests" and speak directly with voters. Harry Reid will be doing a telephone town hall next weekend. Democrats aren't the ones in this state who aren't afraid to talk with the voters.

What about John Ensign answering questions at an open meeting? Or Dean Heller? Oh, that's right... "It's OK if you're a Republican."

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