Monday, August 24, 2009

Really, I Just Told You So.

Seriously, did you really think the Nevada Development Authority would get away with this?

Or especially this... Well, what really happened in Hollywood that day? What was the point of this?

Anyway, it didn't take long for none other than my old State Assembly Member to launch this ad campaign in response:

Oh yes, and they're also returning the favor by running ads here:

How sad that these two states are fighting over crap. We can't talk about how both California and Nevada are plagued by insanely regressive tax structures, bizarre and dysfunctional "ballot box budgeting", and a deeply disturbing lack of investment in the infrastructure necessary (like education, health care, and transportation) for a state to ultimately survive and thrive. I'm frankly surprised that Canada hasn't (yet) stepped in to try to steal businesses away from both states!

Still, it just goes to show that businesses ultimately look for more than just "NO TAXES!" for long-term success. They want an educated workforce. They want a good quality of life. They want civilization, and we all know that we ultimately have to pay something to get that civilization.

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