Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Letter on Health Care in Today's Sun

I just have to share this with you today.

You have to be crazy or stupid to believe that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats want to impose a government-run agency that would dictate to all Americans the health care they receive. Think for a minute. What possible political advantage would that give Democrats? To the contrary, most of them would have a problem being reelected. The Republicans would have you believe they have such a goal, but that’s a flat-out lie.

All the Democrats want to do is provide health insurance for all Americans. Illegal immigrants would not qualify. Those of us who are happy with our their current coverage can keep it. But the 47 million without insurance, and those not happy with their coverage, can select a health insurance policy they can live with.

Why should any American be denied adequate health care? The Democratic health care plan would give everyone health insurance. That’s a good thing.

This is more powerful than any radical right "astroturf" campaign funded by GOP heavyweights and the "sick care" industry.

What's in The Sun today is for real, and hopefully we'll continue to see real working people speaking out for better health care.

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