Friday, August 7, 2009

NV-Sen: Harry Reid Has Less Reason to Worry

Oh, wow! The Republicans really recruited quite the "star candidate" to take on Nevada's big advocate in Washington.

Danny Tarkanian, a one-time UNLV basketball player and son of the Rebels' legendary longtime coach Jerry Tarkanian, has announced he'll run for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Tarkanian launched a Web site with biography information and is soliciting money for the campaign.

"Danny Tarkanian’s political philosophy is based on constitutional conservatism and liberty," his bio says. "He believes in limited government and opposes the government takeover of private sector industries. He believes in a smaller government that – with some occasional help – leaves the average person free to achieve his or her ambitions."

Tarkanian, who runs a real estate business and a basketball camp, is a two-time electoral loser. He was beaten in a state Senate race and, most recently, in a race for Secretary of State in 2006 to Ross Miller. [...]

Despite the famous last name, Tarkanian is not considered a favorite candidate of the state or national party, which has heavily courted Rep. Dean Heller of the 2nd Congressional District.

Excuse me while I step aside to ROTFLMAO. I know, I know, we shouldn't take this for granted. We'll still need to work hard to ensure another good Democratic year in Nevada in 2010.

But come on, this is just too good to resist a good giggle at. If a guy who just happens to be Jerry Tarkanian's son is the best the GOP can do, then they're (still) in deep sh*t.

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