Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Once Again, I Told You So.

We get what we pay for.

Closed satellite offices, employee furloughs and other budget-saving measures have nearly doubled the waiting time at the Reno office of the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to statistics provided Tuesday.

Delays have angered residents and caused traffic concerns, officials said, but many customers at the office Tuesday were resigned to the situation. [...]

"The customers that were being served by the express offices now all have to go to the Reno office," Jacobs said. "Common sense says that's what the spike is from."

Since furloughs began July 1, employees essentially have operated with one arm tied behind their backs, Reno office supervisor Gerry Anderson said.

"They work pretty fast. They really do," said Anderson, gesturing to the employees working in the packed office at noon Tuesday. "We just keep plugging along and try to get everyone out as soon as possible."

If we don't invest in a functioning government, we don't get a functioning government. Simple as that. Jimmy "LuvGuv" Gibbons can deny reality and boast about all the cuts he wants to make, but he can't deny that Nevada already has the cheapest and most emaciated state government in the union. And we wonder why those lines at the DMV are so long or why the state library can't even be open five days a week or why the state can't handle all the people filing for unemployment benefits? Again, we get what we pay for... And that's Nevada's problem right now.

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