Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NV-Sen: Not Even Bush Can Make Heller Run!


Rep. Dean Heller's decision not to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid robs the NRSC of their preferred candidate but it also underlines the limitations of outside forces in recruiting candidates.

Heller rejected an entreaty by former President George W. Bush to take on the seemingly vulnerable Reid.

Bush's call, reported last week in a Las Vegas Sun story [Actually, it was a Reno G-J story], was something that both the former president's staff and the NRSC sought to keep quiet.

Since leaving office in January, Bush has largely avoided criticizing President Obama or taking any political role. Pushing a candidate to run against one of his loudest critics may not jibe with this effort at statesmanship. And the NRSC, still smarting over consecutive cycles where they lost races in part because of Bush's unpopularity, would rather not be identified with the man who is so publicly associated with the party's decline.

Too funny! Well, at least the Nevada GOP can be proud of its star recruit, Danny Tarkanian. You know, he did announce during "Shark Week"! hehe ;-)

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