Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some More Info on Reid's New Opponent...

Via Steve Sebelius.

Sure, he made a couple mistakes, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Senator Pelosi” and mangling an FDR quote to make it sound like we ought to fear ourselves. But he also said he would have voted against the confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor because her comments were divisive, when what we need is national unity.

“I believe that government can have a role in our economic recovery, but it needs to be a limited and effective role,” he said to assembled reporters. “However, currently, our vast and intrusive federal government is growing well beyond the powers set out in the Constitution. This centralized power is a direct threat to our personal liberties.”

Asked what the government should do to help the economy, Tarkanian said boost consumer confidence by speaking positively about a recovery. (He gave President Barack Obama credit for doing just that.) But elsewhere in his speech, he denounced stimulus spending and the financial institutions bailout — which actually began under former President George W. Bush.

There's even more hilarity here. No wonder why even some Republicans are giving up on "Baby Tark Shark". ;-)

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