Monday, August 10, 2009

Nope, The Teabaggers Can't Muck Up the Clean Energy Summit

(Image courtesy of Las Vegas Sun)

Oh, joy! The teabagger/birther brigade has finally come down to Vegas!

About 75 conservative activists waved signs and shouted at passing cars.

Shawn Moshos, a union carpenter and Ron Paul delegate to the Nevada state Republican Convention in Reno last year, said he was on hand to protest policies that he believes will edge America toward socialism. "This is about controlling America's prosperity, when we should be in charge of our prosperity." Recently passed legislation that would limit carbon emissions by insitituting a system for trading and selling emissions credits would destroy more jobs than it would create, he charged.

The conservative demonstrators were outnumbered by progressive activists who chanted, "What do we want? Clean energy! When do we want it? Now!"

Heh. And I really thought there would be more of them, as three of their most hated politicians (Harry Reid, Al Gore, and President Clinton) are here for the National Clean Energy Summit. Btw, I have the live stream upstairs if you'd like to watch it live (but can't be at the Thomas & Mack Center today).

Hopefully, people will look beyond the noise and actually listen to ideas on how we can combat the climate crisis, retool our economy for the 21st century, and finally put Nevada and the entire nation on a more sustainable path of smart growth.

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  1. Well, considering the people with cognitive disabilites inside the conference- Gore, Reid and Clinton, why should more people come out? Bunch of losers, all of them.
    Actually,from what I have heard, it was a couple a hundred which is still more people than on the left who come out and protest.