Saturday, August 22, 2009

NV-03: They Don't Get It...

Or do they?

The national debate over health care reform came to the streets of Henderson on Saturday when Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) held a Congress on the Corner event in the Albertsons on Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway.

About 300 people came to the event, many with homemade signs or American flags, to voice their support or opposition to proposed health care reform and other issues before Congress. [...]

Titus spoke one-on-one with about 35 people.

“I got good information that I can take back with me when we work on the final version of the bill,” Titus said. “I think some of (people’s) specific suggestions were good.”

This is the seventh meet-and-greet of its kind the congresswoman has held in the area since taking office, but most didn't attract large crowds like Saturday's event.

There's value in being able to sit down and talk to people face to face, Titus said.

“(There’s) the outside crowd and the shouting, but it’s a lot different when you sit down across the table from them,” she said. “You have a more substantive discussion.”

For weeks, the righties have been screaming for a town hall meeting. They supposedly wanted one so "everyone's voice can be heard". OK, so Dina not only called them on their bluff... She raised them on it by doing face-to-face, person-to-person discussions today in Henderson!

But are they satisfied? Of course not, since this doesn't attract as much media attention and this doesn't give them a chance to cause a scene and start a fracas. We've already talked about why the corporate powers that be behind the violent mobs are staging these shows at town hall meetings, so this is why they're so afraid of events like the "Congress at the Corner" in Henderson today that gives Members of Congress like Dina Titus a chance to get beyond the hype to listen to real people's real concerns on issues like health care and climate change.

The "protests" with all the noise and no real substance just show the real hypocrisy of today's GOP. It's too bad that folks like rational, sane conservatives have been tossed out because they're interested in rational discussions on finding solutions to our problems on issues like climate change and health care. Nope, the corporate powers that be would much rather fund these fire breathing birther/deather/teabagger "movements" to shut down any and all rational discussion. As I've said before, I'd like to see more rational dialogue, conversation, and even debate on these issues. It's just too bad that the Republican leadership and the corporate lobby backing them won't allow more Republicans to engage in just that.

I just hope that this was a wake-up call to not just Dina Titus, but to Harry Reid and President Obama as well. Today's GOP leadership is too busy stirring up these corporate-funded hateful mobs to allow any type of dialogue. If they can get the few sane Republicans left in office to agree on a strong Waxman-Markey & a strong HR 3200, then go ahead. Otherwise, don't let the Palin-Limbaugh-Beck extremists tear us down in the same way they did in 1994. The Democrats need to listen to the people who put them in office and get to work!

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