Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SB 283: SoS Office Now Accepting DP Pre-Registration!

(Also at the Stonewall site)

Today we have good news on the SB 283 front. Secretary of State Ross Miller has finally put up a domestic partnership (DP) clearinghouse page on his web site! And better yet, forms are now available and pre-registration begins next Monday, August 24.

Of course, this now puts Nevada on the map as the very first Mountain West state to offer DPs and the only Mountain West state so far to offer comprehensive DPs with broad marriage-like protections, rights, and responsibilities. As we talked about before, this is not marriage and we still have work to do to win full civil marriage rights in order for LGBT families to have full and equal protection under the law. Still, this is at least a major step forward for Nevada.

Another step forward is the sane tone of today's R-J story on the new SB 283 developments... I wish I could say the same of many of the commenters there. ;-)

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