Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Contrast Harry Reid Pointed Out

See, I told you so. He went there.

In a speech Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, the Senate Majority Leader portrayed the Republican Party as "naysayers" and elitists who favor the wealthy over the middle class, and called Romney the biggest proponent of a "rigged game."

Last month Reid claimed without proof that Romney may not have paid income taxes for years despite his wealth.

Romney has denied it, and Reid refused to say who had told him otherwise.

In his speech Tuesday, Reid praised President Obama for his handling of the Great Recession and health care reform, and said re-electing Obama will move the country forward.

Note to Mitt Romney and the Nevada G-O-TEA: Don't mess with Harry Reid.

Oh, and here is something else to remember.

People can and should argue about whether Obama's successes have been worthwhile, whether they were ambitious enough, and whether they were effective, but whether one approves of the president or not, the fact remains the successes are real.

This is a president who passed a health-care reform breakthrough 100 years in the making. He also imposed the most sweeping Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression. Obama also rescued the economy from collapse, rescued the American auto industry, ended the war in Iraq, decimated al Qaeda and killed bin Laden, reformed the student loan system, ended "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," vastly improved fuel efficiency standards, helped topple the Gaddafi regime, negotiated the New START treaty, improved food safety protections, cracked down on credit card company abuses, expanded stem-cell research, and signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Republicans disapprove of these measures, as is their right. But to say the president "has no record to run on" is kind of silly, even by Paul Ryan standards.

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Last week, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to convince us that President Obama is "lazy" and "failed to deliver on his promises". And this week, they want us to disregard the fact that the economy has been healing under President Obama. Romney's ideological sibling, George W. Bush, drove the economy into recession. And Romney would return America to Bush era policies if elected.

Tonight, Harry Reid pointed out the clear contrast. While Mitt Romney has been making ideological backflips, pandering to teabaggers, promoting the very policies that would throw America into the kind of austerity driven "Greater Recession" now ravaging Europe, and hiding his financial records, President Obama has been busy getting our country back on track. This is what Harry Reid made clear tonight, and this is what may very well tip the election this fall.

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